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Uredbom Vlade Srbije, Sopotnica je krajem 2005. proglašena spomenikom prirode, zaštićenim prirodnim dobrom od izuzetnog značaja


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Postoje tri nivoa vodopada, a najveći vodopad pada sa visine oko 25 metara, mnogim virovima i veoma hladnom vodom.


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Domaća atmosfera, tradicionalna kuhinja, zdravo prirodno okruženje su samo neke od prednosti ovog vida odmora i rekreacije.



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Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1"Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 821 citizens, notably 602 from the municipality of Veľké Ripňany (Slovakia), 52 from the
municipality of Želetice (the Czech republic), 49 from the municipality of Sopotnica (Serbia), 49 from the municipality of
Dabrowa (Poland), 2 from the International Association of Peacekeeping (France), 8 from the municipality of Szanda
(Hungary), 19 from the civic association Czechoslovak Legionary (the Czech republic), 25 from the civic association the Union
of War Veterans (Slovakia), 15 from the civic association SPIA Polska (Poland).
Location/ Dates: The event took place in Veľké Ripňany, Slovakia, from 30.09.2016 to 02.10.2016.
Short description:
0n 30.09.2016 the mayor of the municipality Veľké Ripňany officially welcomed the participants of the project, presented the
objectives of the project, all of partners and their role in the project, presented the survey dedicated to find out the knowledge
or concepts such as Euroscepticism and its implications for the future of the EU. Through the workshops and presentations
the participants of the event focused their attention on a better understanding of the term 'Euroscepticism', and its impact on
the future of the European Union, awareness of the importance of overcoming the Euroskepticism and the need to build
confidence in the EU. In the afternoon, the participants of the event were acquainted with specific tools to actively participate
in the democratic life of the EU, implementation of EU policies in citizens 'lives at municipal level, citizens' fundamental rights,
how to adopt the methods of their application. Government, associations, young people get an overview, practices, exchange
experiences, how to use the tools of influencing EU policies on the ground. In the early evening hours took place the
presentation of films on the theme of the EU with the participation of the International Association for maintenance of peace. In
the evening, participants of the event could attend the cultural evening on the theme "Diversity or proximity of the culture of the
participating guests."
On 01.10.2016 for the participants was prepared the seminar on the theme "Importance of Solidarity, Especially in Times of
Crisis" followed by a discussion and evaluation of existing system of solidarity within the EU, the questions & answers session
on the theme "My Opinion on Immigration", where participants dealt with the specific EU problems such as migration,
xenophobia, intolerance, discrimination, the presentation on the theme "Migration and Security in the European Union",
presented through a representative of the association of veterans on peacekeeping missions in Europe and their meaning.
Through these activities, the participants become familiar with existing solidarity mechanisms within the EU, they realized the
importance of solidarity and cohesion, based on different cultural principles, how to fight with xenophobia and discrimination.
The participants gained the view of the current security situation in Europe, young people were further acquainted with the
risks that threaten democracy and shared prosperous Europe. There was also prepared artistic activity for children on the
theme "Solidarity and Cooperation in Europe" and in the evening held a presentation of traditional regional arts and crafts,
performances of traditional folk group.
During the whole day there was available the information stand in the municipality, which provided information on migration
policies, Euroscepticism, the contribution of the EU policy, the EU's achievements, civic participation tools - European Citizens'
On 02.10.2016 took place the final conference connected with the evaluation of the event results, presentation of survey
results, issues and understanding of active European citizenship, democratic values of the EU, the rights of European citizens,
the EU policy-making and opportunities to increase their knowledge in ordinary people with space for public debate,
connected with the possibility to ask questions to the representatives of local and regional authorities and representatives of
the project partners with a view to understanding the purpose of the event and its relevance to the lives of ordinary citizens
and civil society actors working at the local level.
During the event there was a convergence of thought and values of participants, presentation of the customs, traditions,
formal and informal discussions, the presentation of cultural heritage
  • 31300  Prijepolje, Sopotnica

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